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The number of teens from who have had sex dropped 14% for females and 22% for males over the past 25 years, reveals new CDC data

On the “Sexual Health—Teens” message board at, questions are asked anonymously, and most fall into a void, unanswered by others clamoring to be heard. Many focus on genitals. “Help, my testicle feels weird.” “I find just about every part of a woman’s body attractive but

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American cents’ Sources of Sexual Health Information This fact sheet includes information on the main sources from which teens …

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Researchers suggest that anal sex is on the rise among teens and adults, particularly those who have unprotected vaginal sex.

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There are different kinds of sex — but you need consent no matter what kind it is. Sex can lead to pregnancy and/or STDs if you don’t protect yourself.

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When (and How Often) to Have Sex to Get Pregnant The Ready-Aim-Fire Method vs Spread-the-Wealth Method

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