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The Smiley Face is a creepy urban legend from Europe about a man who does terrible things to teens who walk home alone at night. This …

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HD Heather Deep 4 wheeling on scary fast quad and Peeing next to s in the free

The Motherhood Experience 10 Gross Things You Hope Your s Will Never Do (But Probably Will)

Dec 19, 2017 · A Texas couple escaped injury Sunday morning when a 2003 50th Anniversary C5 Corvette crashed into the brick wall of their bedroom.

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Nursing mom and photographer Tanja Krstic Radusinovic had an interesting experience feeding her son at a public pool recently. She tells Scary Mommy, “My man was with me and my two sons, ages three and five, while I was breastfeeding my 9 month old son.”

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After losing more than 80 pounds, former Redskin’s ‘not scary anymore.’

The Kappa is the most famous of all the legendary Japanese monsters. He resembles a cross between a monkey, a frog and a turtle. The Kappa has the face of a monkey with the beak of a turtle and a plate-shaped depression in the top of his head.

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