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A mom is just weeks off giving birth to conjoined twin teens who are inseparably fused at the heart and liver. Fuschia Gaskin and husband Quincy, both 26, are set

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Interesting statistics.. I did not know african american women were more likely to have twins! My teen is pregnant w/ twins after taking conceiveeasy for a few months.

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8 Weeks Pregnant, Symptoms and What to Expect at 8 Weeks Pregnant.

Think you might have twins on the way? See if you’re experiencing any or all of the top 5 signs and symptoms that you could be pregnant with twins

I was a skinny pregnant woman with both of my pregnancies. During my first pregnancy with my son, I gained about 20 pounds. With my second pregnancy (I was carrying twins), I gained just over 30 pounds.

A British woman plans to make history by becoming the nation’s first mother to give birth to Siamese twins with separate heads but only one body.

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Pregnancy, also known as gestation, is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman. A multiple pregnancy involves more than one offspring, such as with twins.

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7 Weeks Pregnant, Symptoms and What to Expect at 7 Weeks Pregnancy.

Don’t want to offend a pregnant woman? Skip these 10 comments: despite your best intentions, they’re actually downright rude.

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The woman in Melbourne, Australia, made the agonising decision to have the sick baby injected to end his life. But the wrong baby was injected at the Royal Women’s Hospital (pictured), terminating the healthy pregnancy.