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Dom Perignon Vintage 1996 is reportedly one of the best Dom Perignon vintages in recent times. The Creme de la Creme from Moet & …

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Discover ‘Creating Dom Pérignon’, a place to explore the world of champagne and capture Dom Pérignon’s singularity.

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Dom Pérignon was the 17th century Benedictine monk who has gone down in history as the person who invented Champagne. His name was …

That said, most critics agree that the best recent Dom Pérignon vintage was 2002 and so we will focus on it. Even though it is a relatively rare Champagne, you may still find it for sale on for an average of $200.

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The world’s most legendary Champagne still remains one of the best. Always in style, it shows layers of artisanal bread, apple, pear and mineral notes. A terrific match for freshly made sushi, Thai coconut shrimp or Alaskan king crab

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WINE_PAGES – Following the tough and extremely hot 2003 vintage, Dom Pérignon 2004 (a blend of 53% Pinot Noir and 47% Chardonnay) was presumably much easier to make, with excellent growing conditions and yields of 10-11,000kg per hectare compared to the 3-4000kg/ha in 2003.

May 12, 2014 · The world’s most famous wine, its very label and bottle design have been icons for almost a century, and during this time very little about Dom Perignon …

Jul 06, 2017 · And one’s a new version of the incomparable P2, or Plénitude (confusion included), this the 2000 release, at a mere $349. Now, this whole, relatively new, P2 program seems to me to be a bit confusing, so I sat down with Dom’s Chef du Cave, Richard Geoffroy, to try and untangle this Champagne

Dom Pérignon was the first prestige cuvée Champagne introduced, an idea proposed by Englishman Laurence Venn. The first vintage of Dom Pérignon was 1921 and was only released for sale in 1936, sailing to New York in the liner Normandie.

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