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High Desert Hospital – Veterinary Clinic in Rio Rancho, NM

Two Generations of Veterinarians Caring & Working for the Health of Your Pet Birds ™

Senior birds may have malnutrition and special health needs. Older pet birds are also more likely to acquire certain diseases. Learn how to best care for your geriatric bird.

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Cockatiels, one of the most enjoyable the pet parrots &exotic birds. Cheerful, happy, cuddly and beautiful pet birds.

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We’re a family-owned aviary in Northern Virginia, about 20 minutes west of Washington, DC. It’s not a job, it’s our way of life (every day, rain or shine, now in our second decade!).

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Bird Care at -World is a bird guide about how to take care of a pet bird with bird cages, bird feeders, bird seed, and bird supplies for pet birds

Budgies (parakeets) make wonderful pets for first-time and experienced bird keepers alike. Tips for acquiring and caring for a pet parakeet.

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Pigeons as Pets in an Outdoor Aviary. Rescued pigeons can’t be safely flown (they are easy targets for hawks and cats) and so, when outside, must be protected in an aviary.

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Westwood Pet Care – Veterinary Clinic in Dothan, AL