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Exfoliating Homemade Body Scrubs with Simple Sugar & Salt Recipes for the Home Kitchen Body scrubs have always been a beauty must. Cleopatra’s slaves rubbed her down with granulated honey and myrrh, an upscale version of the scrubs of pumice, barley hulls and goat’s milk used by lesser Egyptians of the day.

Since these are made from all natural ingredients, these scrubs are really SO good you could eat them!

Our extra-fine white granulated sugar can be used to exfoliate and soften the skin in your handmade sugar and lip scrubs.

Salt and sugar scrubs are one of easiest home treatments that truly deliver. Not only is slathering sugar and oil all over your body wickedly pleasant, but the exfoliating factor leaves skin refreshed, vibrant, and as soft as a certain anatomical part of an infant. But one of the greatest unsolved

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This easy sugar scrub recipe is natural and chemical free. It naturally removes dead skin and leaves skin glowing and healthy.

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Learn about 10 Homemade Facial Scrubs that are easy to make and will rival facial scrubs by the beauty industry. DIY face scrub recipes included!

Scrubs are a luxurious way to pamper skin since they exfoliate and moisturize at the same time and will leave skin feeling smooth and soft. There’s no need to buy expensive stuff, make it yourself for a quick and easy way to have a spa experience right at home. They make great gifts too! Here’s

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To say I’m obsessed with these homemade coconut oil sugar scrubs is an understatement. My skin has never felt so soft before…or smelled so delicious! Reasons you should lather up with Trader Joe’s organic virgin coconut oil ASAP: Your skin will look, feel, and smell better than ever before

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