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Top druid ‘slit people’s throats’ in bizarre Pagan sacrificial ‘death’ ritual held in UK EXCLUSIVE: A senior British druid has told how people “collapsed” and “went to the Underworld” after he appeared to “slit their throats” during an eerie Pagan death ritual …

Learn more about Pagan beliefs, the Wiccan religion, Pagan holidays and celebrations, and how people practice Wicca and Paganism today.

Paganism, in the broadest sense includes all religions other than the true one revealed by God, and, in a narrower sense, all except Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

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Infanticide (or infant homicide) is the intentional killing of infants.. Parental infanticide researchers have found that mothers are far more likely than mans to be the perpetrator for neonaticide and slightly more likely to commit infanticide in general.

Traditions: Celtic These sections are categorized in 2 parts. The spiritual, or religious knowledge shared by Celtic pagan practioners (on the left), and the academic view of historical information (on the right).

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The Christmas tree: Pagan origins, Christian adaptation and secular status

TATTOO. . . YE WORSHIP YE KNOW WHAT “Ye worship ye know not what. . .” Jesus Christ, John 4:22. Throughout history the tattoo bears the mark of paganism, demonism, Baal worship, shamanism, mysticism, heathenism, cannibalism and just about every other pagan belief known.

Easter Its Pagan origins. Sponsored link. Origins of the name “Easter”: The name “Easter” originated with the names of an ancient Goddess and God.The Venerable Bede, (672-735 CE), a Christian scholar, first asserted in his book De Ratione Temporum that Easter was named after Eostre (a.k.a. Eastre).

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Linda’s List of Pagan Festivals. Compiled by Linda Kerr PLEASE NOTE: This listing is only for Pagan festivals! All festivals listed here must be Pagan/Wiccan/Asatru in nature; not herbal workshops, not psychic fairs, not Renaissance Faires, not pirate fests, not camping parties, etc.

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Roman religion was practical and contractual, based on the principle of do ut des, “I give that you might give”.Religion depended on knowledge and the correct practice of prayer, ritual, and sacrifice, not on faith or ma, although Latin literature preserves learned speculation on the nature of the divine and its relation to human affairs.

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