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The Rhône (/ r oʊ n /; French: Le Rhône; German: Rhone; Walliser German: Rotten; Italian: Rodano [ˈrɔːdano]; Arpitan: Rôno; Occitan: Ròse [ˈrrɔze (ˈrɔze, ˈʀɔze)]) is one of the major rivers of Europe and has twice the average discharge of the Loire (which is the longest French river), rising in the Rhône Glacier in the Swiss

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The Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR) is an independent, indigenous and non-partisan private organisation established in 1994. It is a non-profit body mandated to conduct databased social science policy analysis and research, and training, with the aim of improving human welfare.

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The nitrite ion, which has the chemical formula NO − 2, is a symmetric anion with equal N–O bond lengths. Upon protonation, the unstable weak acid nitrous acid is produced. . Nitrite can be oxidized or reduced, with the product somewhat dependent on the oxidizing/reducing agent and its streng

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Der er ingen kildehenvisninger i denne artikel, hvilket muligvis er et problem. Du kan hjælpe ved at angive kilder til de påstande, der fremføres i artiklen.

Lavorazione lamiera II Piegatura della lamiera Stretch f orming Bulging Rubber f orming e idr oformatura Spinning Formatura ad alta energia Formatura superplastica

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Qual o significado das siglas nos medicamentos (BD, XR, SR, etc)?

MANILA, Philippines—The Supreme Court announced on Thursday that 1126 law graduates successfully passed th

MANILA, Philippines – Those awaiting the results of the 2014 bar exam may find here the full official list of passers as the Supreme Court (SC) finally released the list today, March 26, 2015 at 11:30am through update on its website and at …

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