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Revenge porn or revenge pornography is the distribution of sexually explicit images or video of individuals without their consent. The sexually explicit images or video may be made by a partner of an intimate relationship with the knowledge and consent of the subject, or it may be made without his or her knowledge.

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Why did ITV invite Jeremy Clarkson’s kiss-and-tell ex-wife, Alex Hall, 46, to appear on Adrian Chiles’s That Sunday Night Show with her publicist, Max Clifford?

Chile Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are going at it once again. However, this time is definitely different than before. Rob exposes Chyna for cheating with another man and puts her on blast by posting her nude photos.

Luke Bryan and his family have been enjoying some downtime on a beach-side vacation, and they seem to really be having fun.

Embarrassment is an emotional state that is associated with moderate to high levels of discomfort, and which is usually experienced when someone has a socially unacceptable or frowned-upon act or condition that was witnessed by or revealed to others.

While texting might be the perfect platform to say a quick “hi,” there are some things to watch out for in a textual relationship with your partner.

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After Andrew and Fergie embarrass the Queen a party at the Palace for the Beckhams, a royal historian says there’s only one fitting punishment – banish them!

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