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To view this armor page with individual skill points, refer to Armor Skill Points. If you want to create your own armor sets, use the Armor Skill Generator For armor combos submitted by our members, see: Armor Combinations

Gohan stretches a Battle Armor. The most commonly seen ones have dual shoulder guards and some form of skirt armor or crotch guard. Matching boots (often white in color, but others do exist) are standard issue, as …

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Marine armor is a set of armor in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor. An advanced model of combat armor utilized by U.S. Marines stationed at the Mount Desert Island Naval Facility before the Great War.

Armor Type Splint Mail Banded Mail Half-plate Full Plate Stonemail Feeler Plate Heavy Plate Dendritic Crystal Stone Plate Interlocking Plate Battle Plate

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*Valid on items in e-store and stores (excluding saint- julien and Romans stores). Valid May 18, 2018, through May 27, 2018 on the items of the brands Armor Lux, Bermudes, Bérac , terre et mer et Karting.

Armor Bear Short Skirt Version 1.02: add Armor Bear grandmaster. Version 1.02 Shoet Skirt and Ultra Short Skirt: The remote distance skirts do not disappear.

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No other armor may be used while wearing these. These count as both eyewear and headwear.

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